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Have you ever thought about why you are here on this earth? Have you ever had a feeling that there was something more to your life than where you are at now? All of us desire to know the meaning of life and what our purpose is.

Code 245 uncovers the truth of why you are here and helps you to find out what your purpose is. You will begin to understand the following:

  • Learn a few insights about a warning Jordan received about his future and how it can help you with yours
  • Understanding what the process of your life means and should look like by conceptualizing the life of the butterfly to explain it
    • You will know more about the journey of the Caterpillar Phase to the Butterfly Phase and how that relates to you
  • The growth and development needed through your process and the transformation that is required to become the best version of yourself
    • This includes the 3 phases of Refinement, Elevation and Creating Your Culture
  • Ultimately learning what purpose is all about
  • Revealing of The 5 PURPOSE KILLERS, that will prevent you from becoming who you were always meant to be
  • Learning some keys on how to have vision for your life and how that is connected to the Storyline Method Principle
  • You will learn the equation of life with the 3Ps that will share a simple yet complex reality of the purpose of life
  • The O.A.R.C That's L.I.F.E. Principle will assist you to properly assess any situation
  • You get the principles from the functions of tree to begin to learn how to build your dream and fulfill your purpose
  • And more!


This book is for every one who truly wants to know their purpose and desires to take the next step to start that journey. Jordan quickly recognized a problem when he conversed with people from different age groups and backgrounds over the years. Through talking to various people he noticed that they had no expectations for their future. He also heard from individuals who did not know what they were meant to be or felt that it was too late to become anything.

Jordan the author realized that no matter your age, background, financial status and everything in between, everyone wants to know that million dollar question, "why do I exist?". This book helps to bring you on that journey to begin to discover your why.

If you are stuck in the cycle of life and know that there is more to your life than working, getting a house, getting married, and then dying, this book is for you!

Code 245: The Secrets to Unlocking Your Purpose

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